USA Football

Leading the Way Since 1965

The New Lenox Mustangs have been in the community since 1965. We are a part of the Southwest Midget Football League, 
which has been in existence for over 50 years providing an age and weight classification system. All players are eligible to 
play any position on the team regardless of their weight within the age and weight system. 

Our program is affordable and provides greater value than any other program in the area. We offer:

- USA Football Certified and Insured Coaches
- All Coaches submit to background checks
- Coaches are trained on signs & symptoms of concussions
- Teams with skill levels for both new and experienced players
- All cheerleaders are age & grade certified
- All cheerleaders are taught cheer, pom, and stunt

Being a cornerstone of the community, our program is proudly supported by:

- New Lenox Park District
- New Lenox Police Department
- Providence Catholic High School
- Lincoln-Way Central High School
- Lincoln-Way West High School
- USA Football


Core Purpose

Teach important life values and skill sets, as well

as mentor, youth through football and cheerleading.

Core Values

We value sportsmanship through the kindred spirt of our

founder Ron "Papa" Schaper. Papa left us with the

values we stand by today:

Family - Pride - Sportsmanship

Tradition - Community - Mentoring

Community Pride

For 50 years the Mustangs provide a trusted

haven for our children to develop and grow as

individuals by the lessons afforded by youth sports,

and helping to improve the quality of life

in New Lenox.

Tradition & Success

As coaches and mentors we willingly committ to

sharing the wisdom wehave obtained with our youth.

We emphasize that to succeed requires effort, both in

youth sports and in life. Winning is not everything but

having the desire to win is.