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Health & Safety Information

We in the Mustang family are all passionate about the game of football, but nothing is more valueable to us than the health and safety of your child. Thier well-being is our first concern and we ask that you assist us in ensuring we maintain a high standard of care. Please find information below related to areas that parents and coaches can work together on to provide the safest playing conditions possible for your child.


Heat Preparedness & Hydration

Parents please know that it is vital your child drink plenty of non-carbonated fluids before, during, and after practices. Ensure that your child brings something to drink at every practice and game. For tips on how to deal with the heat and proper hydration please feel free to check out these helpful links:

USA Football

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Warning against caffeinated energy drinks for young atheletes

Mayo Clinic on Dehydration


Concussion Awareness

Identifying the signs and symptons of concussions is vital to our program. In attempting to educate our parents and train our coaches, we have enlisted the help of USA Football and Atheletico located at:

1938 East Lincoln Highway #111, New Lenox, IL

(815) 485-2916 ·

Here are some important hand outs with tips on identifying concussion symptoms:

Concussions - A Must Read for Young Athletes

Concussion Information Sheet

Head Injury & Concusssion Management